About Us

Soap of the Earth is a Wisconsin, farm-based business that grew as organically as the ingredients we use.  Our soaps were entirely handmade in Lori Hoyt’s 1872 farmhouse kitchen until 2016, when the old barn was renovated to house a viable and vibrant soap making business.   

It started in 2004, with an understanding that real ingredients in soap are as critical as what we eat.  The first bars were cast because “we made a life-long commitment to rid our selves of unnecessary, synthetic chemicals.”  Soap was a simple, pleasurable starting point and the genuine stuff was, and still is, hard-to-find.  The synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives and filler ingredients in manufactured soap not only lack skin-loving nutrients, but the unnecessary additives are directly absorbed into our beings.  What people find after using an all-natural bar of soap is that their skin feels better and so does their soul. 

In 2014 we added a small herd of Nubian goats to our farm.  It was the first time livestock was kept on the property since the 1950’s.  They are my business partners and our days are centered around caring for each other.  As dairy goats, they have found their purpose making soap, which allows them to live in a smaller herd than a commercial goat dairy, and gives me more time to grow herbs and make soap.

We are certainly busy, but never too busy to take your call.  I can be reached most moments at (608) 359-1015.

Thank you for loving our soap.

Lori Hoyt