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Keeping it Real: New Customer Service Feature On Our Website

Have you ever been disappointed with something you purchased and then found it difficult to have your concerns addressed? We all have. Some businesses wait to provide customer service until there is a problem, and who likes to deal with problems? Not me! 

At Soap of the Earth,  we prefer to guide you to the right soap before you buy it.  That's why we love the face to face interaction at Farmers' Markets and NOW you can visit our website and chat with the actual soap-maker before you buy anything.  Last week, I even had a customer chatting with me via the website while visiting our stand at the Lake Geneva Farmers' Market!  

Here are some specific reasons you may want to chat with us, at the market or via our website!

1) Can't find what your looking for?  I know the production stage of all soap and may be able to help locate those last few bars still in stock.

2)  Seeking advice for a specific skin condition?  We'll, we're not doctors, but after ten years, I've collected vast amounts of empirical evidence and customer testimony that can ease many skin problems.

3) Have a special event coming up?  If you love our soap and want to share it at events like bridal and baby showers, we understand why.  

4)  Did we not meet your expectations?  Live chat me so we can settle the problem, instantly.  I don't believe in procrastination and neither should you!

What happens if you are a totally new customer who found us in a Google search?  First, you should know this: I would be rich if Apple came out with a scratch and sniff screen.  Second, isn't it nice to know there is a real person who cares on the other end?  

With all this being said and done, I'm still making the soap, milking the goats, pulling the weeds, teaching the kids, cooking the meals, paying the bills and trying to maintain . . . so give me a chance to wash my hands if I need it!

The chat feature has been running for under a week.  Some questions are direct and answered in one short response.  Others require more attention.  Here is a copy of a transcript and the type of conversation I love having with my herby soap lovers.

USA (Milwaukee, WI) #756

I'm planning a meeting in November about hyssop, herb of the year, 2019. Would you be able to make a small amount of soap using hyssop?



Yes. I’ve tried it before and never got it to smell great. But I can try again. We’ve got the plant growing and a big bottle of essential oil to get started.


USA (Milwaukee, WI) #756

I have hyssop in my yard that I could provide if you need it, but don't know if you use fresh or dried or how much you'd need.



That would be great! Where could we pick that up from? Can you bring it to a market?


USA (Milwaukee, WI) #756

Oh my, you can type faster than I can. I would want very small bars for about 35 members. Perhaps adding a little licorice would pump up the odor or mint since it's the same family. I bought a bar of your comfrey this morning at the Fox Point market.



I think I can make something lovely. If you want to bring plant matter that would be great


USA (Milwaukee, WI) #756
How much would you need?


I can work with any amount


USA (Milwaukee, WI) #756
Ok, I'll bring some next Saturday.


Thank you. Do you know if it’s true hyssop or anise hyssop?


USA (Milwaukee, WI) #756
Anise sysop. That's why I suggested licorice or mint.


Sounds good. Thank you


The new chat feature on our website conversation is ending, for now.  Go ahead and test it!