Clay Facial Bar

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Your face will feel clean and smooth.  It will balance dry, flaky spots while encouraging an even matte finish.  I use a strong, rooibos tea base that soothes and promises vital nutrients to slow down aging.  A humble cleanser, clay is known to draw out impurities, stimulate circulation and bring about a smooth, healthy glow. White kaolin is the mildest of all clays and is even suitable for people with sensitive skin. This soap benefits all skin types. The essential oils are blended specifically for their desirable effects on delicate facial skin.  

Balancing with naturally-occurring anti-oxidants.  Benefits all skin types.


Olive, coconut, & palm oils, rooibos tea, kaolin clay, & the pure essential oils of tea tree, patchouli, grapefruit, & geranium.


Reviews (5)

Never USE another facial soap again!

Written by Cait H on 10th Dec 2019

I've been using this facial bar for over 5 years and I wouldn't use anything else on my face! Highly recommend

Best Facial CLEANSER!

Written by Kristel Marion on 25th Sep 2019

This is my second bar so far, my first bar ran out a few months ago, lasting about 6 months total. It balanced my oil production, leaving my skin feeling clean without over drying. When I had run out my acne returned. I’ve had acne moderate to severe since adolescence and for the first time I go out without makeup. This is a miracle cleanser, not to mention smells amazing! I wish more people knew about this soap!!

10/10 would recommend

Written by Jess on 25th Apr 2019

I've been using this facial bar for years and I love it; I literally have it shipped to me halfway across the country when I'm running low. I have oily, acne-prone skin, and this clay facial bar is great at gently removing my makeup and any dirt without stripping my skin. It doesn't make me break out, and one bar lasts for ages (and this is with using it not just on my face, but also on my upper torso). It's a great deal, and I'm so glad I found it all those years ago.

Only facial cleanser i'll ever use!

Written by Cait on 3rd Jan 2019

I love this facial bar, it's the only thing that's ever equalised my oil production and I love that I don't need to add an additional moisturiser on top of it. I switched to using this bar exclusively over 5 years ago and I'll never use anything else again!

Clay facial bar

Written by nancy on 4th Aug 2018

I had never used natural soaps before but received a sample of this and am not turning back to chemically processed face soap. I’ve tried a lot of different face cleanser and find this the best for my t-zone oily complexion. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh while not drying out my skin. Thank you for making this great product!