Cranberry Facial Serum

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100% Pure cranberry seed oil from a local Wisconsin producer.  Comes in a .33 oz glass vial with a stainless steel roll-on applicator.  The pleasant scent comes from the crushed cranberry seeds.  There is no scent added.  Makes a great moisturizer for sensitive skin.  

Reviews (1)

Amazing quality 10/10

Written by Nathan Kendall on 6th Oct 2020

I am blown away by how well this product works. I originally found out about soap of the earth through Waukesha farmers market. I loved the soap bars so much that I wanted to see what other products they offer. The cranberry extract will make your face smoother than you've ever felt. It gets rid of pimples and acne. The main reason why I bought it tho was for eye bags. I work third shift at a computer all night and the radiation has caught up to me. Not to mention lack of sleep. Within a week my face has literally barely noticeable eye bags. Inflammation is way down as well. I can't thank soap of the earth enough for such a wonderful product! This will now be in my everyday line up, ty

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