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•Traditional Australian household remedy with broad-spectrum uses.

•Anti-bacterial properties assist in mediating bronchial discomfort.

•All-around good support for the immune system.

•Refreshing and medicinal evergreen scent.

•Hand-crafted on a rural Wisconsin, family-owned farm.  Support small farms everywhere!

•4.5 oz.


Target a blue mood with the “blues”—blue eucalyptus and blue spruce that is.  As Australia’s  oldest native medicine, it has been used by Aborigines to soothe both physical and emotional discomforts.  The stimulating scent invigorates and uplifts, helping to clear the mind of negative thoughts.  The deep cleansing properties kill germs and supports a healthy respiratory system by opening the bronchial and encouraging oxygen uptake.  When you want to be ever-good, go for the evergreens.


Feel the remarkable difference in your skins health while using whole ingredients for your daily personal care.  Our cold-processed soaps are hand made in small batches on our peaceful, rural Wisconsin farm.  Made from fresh, natural, sustainable and organic ingredients, they do not contain any synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives or filler ingredients.  We are dedicated to keeping our natural products SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), paraben and phthalate free.  We only use organic palm oil that is sustainably produced and RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil) certified.  


Place your order now and receive the same freshly-cured , hand-cut bars we sell at our local farmers’ markets.


Thank you for using our soaps and making the world a more meaningful place.  



Ingredients:  Saponified olive, coconut & palm* oils, goat milk*, french green clay* & the pure essential oils of eucalyptus, spruce, cedar wood & orange.  *Certified organic & sustainable ingredients.


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Amazing Soap!

Written by liz on 2nd Feb 2021

The soap is the absolute best! It smells so good and leaves my skin super soft! I am a customer for life!

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