Herbal Vabor Balm

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Don't be found without one of these little balms in your pocket when stuffy nose sets in!  An herbal remedy to clear the sinus and throat region, it is also suitable for use on the little ones.  I used it on my own from the time he was six months old.   Apply directly to nose and throat.  For the younger children, try it on their feet and/or back.  You'll be thanking me in the middle of the night when the crying one can finally get some sleep and so can you.  The essential oils are selected for their decongesting, antiviral and antibacterial properties. 


Organic olive oil, beeswax, menthol & the pure essential oils of organic eucalyptus blue, thyme, rosemary, organic holy basil, juniper & bay laurel.


Reviews (3)

Herbal Vapor Balm

Written by Lynn A Downey on 13th Jan 2021

This little jar of herbal vapor balm is awesome! Carry it and use for sinuses, smells good!

herbal balm

Written by Debra Kinnard on 15th Dec 2020

Will be happy to review but, have not received it yet

Amazing product

Written by Amanda Zanchi on 6th Oct 2020

I bought this at a farmers market in Wisconsin to use during the summer for allergies and during the winter for congestion. It has definitely done the job and I love that its organic. A little goes a long way.