Insect Repellent

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1/3 oz. of pure essential oils in a neem oil base for an effective, pleasant and all-natural mosquito repellent. The glass vial has a roller for easy application. Recommended points of application include temples, wrists, backs of knees and ankles. Safe for children and easy to carry in purse, pocket, golf bag or tackle box!  Truly effective for keeping away summertime back yard pests without the unwanted chemicals.  We use it on our pets too! Effective and Safe.

Reviews (11)

Insect Off

Written by Lisa Laidlaw on 28th Dec 2020

I have purchased before. Effective insect repellent. Bonus is an ethereal fragrance: when the handy roll on tube got smashed in my golf bag by a careless handler, my bag smelled so great people kept asking me, what is that?

Ticks Be Gone!

Written by Amy Abbotts on 13th Oct 2020

I found this little vial of insect repellent years ago at a local thrift store. It had been donated and I loved the fact that it was all natural so I grabbed it up. Needless to say I'm still using the same stuff currently and just had to purchase more (a little goes a LONG WAY). I use it for when I go in the woods geocaching to prevent ticks. This is the only thing thus far that I've found that really keeps ticks away!! I don't know how a company so far from home reached me by my goodness I thank God for it!! Definitely worth the money!

Insect repellant

Written by JoAnne on 23rd Jun 2020

The insect repellent works good for me in the yard. I am a bug magnet and it has been effective in preventing bites. I also feel very comfortable using it on my small grandchildren since it is so safe. I have not tried it while hiking or camping. Recommend this product for use while gardening or sitting out on the deck.


Written by Stacy schiffner on 10th Jun 2020

I cannot say enough about this all natural, no chemical insect repellent! Mosquitos love me, and at age 50 I had never found something that works so well without Deet in it! I buy several of these each summer and carry them everywhere I go and give them to friends. I have been using this product for 3 years now and I can’t live without it in the summer! No bugs on me and I smell wonderful! Amazing


Written by Barbara Guirl on 23rd May 2020

This is the best. Love the small roll on bottle that I can keep in my pocket. Always have with me for gardening or outdoor activities.

Insect Repellant

Written by Stacy Ann Schiffner on 19th Jul 2019

I have bought 7 bottles of this insect repellant and I will be buying more! I keep giving them away to friends who borrow mine and fall in love with it! I am so prone to mosquito bites, and usually slather myself in deet! I have had no alternative until I found Soap of the Earth insect Repellant! Now I am hooked! It’s smells wonderful, clean and natural. I get more compliments on my “perfume” lol. Even in deep woods of the Midwest, this stuff works! It is by far the best product I have found to keep misquotes and noseeums away!!!

Insect Repellent

Written by Georgette Papageorgio-Rodriguez on 16th Jul 2019

I absolutely love this product! !! The scent is incredible. Thank you Georgette

Insect repellant

Written by Alma Sleeper on 20th May 2019

Works great!

Soap of the earth

Written by Larry Howard on 27th Sep 2018

Works really well glad I found you great product.

Insect Repellent

Written by Megan on 26th Aug 2018

This blend smells amazing and works like a charm. My daughter is allergic to mosquito bites and swells when bitten. This repellent kept them far away from her and the rest of my family. I highly recommend it. My sister actually showed me this, as she had bought it at a farmers' market.

Insect repellent

Written by Danielle on 15th Aug 2018

Works great! Smells strong in the beginning, but scent fades! Very satisfied! I hate mosquitoes and this did the trick for the amount of time I spent outside!