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I was using my home-made bar soaps in the laundry years before I thought of making one specific to the task.  Clothes come out of the washer crispy clean and smelling fresh-- and I live on a goat farm!!!  This is a pure coconut oil soap with the addition of bacteria fighting essential oils.  You can boost the cleaning action for your extra smelly loads with Arm&Hammer Super Washing Soda found in a box on the bottom shelf of the detergent aisle, but I usually only find it necessary in the heat and humidity of high summer.  Here's how to use it:  shave it using a cheese grater and add it to the laundry directly (top loaders) or in the detergent cup (front loaders).  One bar is good for five regular-sized loads, making your costs fifty cents a load.  Want to save some money?  Go for the six bar bundle and you could be using an all natural, chemical-free, zero-waste, environmentally-sound, plastic-free laundry soap for only .33 cents a load.  There is no better way to reduce your footprint and learn to live off the land.  

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