Lavender Shower Gel

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We offer hand-made olive oil based liquid soaps that rival commercial soaps in their sudsing performance and exceed the nourishing capabilities. This is a 100% natural product with less than nine ingredients. Our body washes are a thick, gel-like consistency with a creamy and rewarding lather when used with a typical nylon shower pouf. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  They are more concentrated than a commercial soap, thereby lasting longer. We only use ESSENTIAL OILS to scent our products and they are added after cooking, and pH testing. This protects the aromatherapuetic value of these volatile and precious oils. We are entirely accountable for the natural ingredients in these soaps and can verify their trueness.  LAVENDER SHOWER GEL is a blend both physically and emotionally soothing.  Lavender's calming properties are well-known, but the essential oil is also beneficial for it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.  Classic, herbal, clean. 8 ozCalming.

Reviews (2)

Lavender Shower gel

Written by Mary wasielewski on 9th Mar 2020

I love it: the aroma and smoothness and small amount needed for a shower.

Shower gel

Written by Cathy watson on 2nd Oct 2019

I love this shower gel. I just bought 6 of them because my yoga instructor and I were afraid you were no longer going to make it! Please don’t stop making this wonderful product. My grandson loves it as well! He is 33. I am 77 and don’t use soap so this is perfect for me. Thank you!