Muscle Liniment

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Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Ginger are among the anti-inflammatory essential oils that makes this formula so effective for relieving muscle and joint aches. It can be massaged into the stomach and lower back to relieve menstrual pain and actually work to improve mood.  I also find it useful for warming up stiff muscles before working out. Other uses include treating persistent, nagging pains associated with repetitive motion, tendinitis and arthritis.  2oz.Pain Relieving.


A blend of therapy-grade essential oils, herbal infused olive oil, cocoa butter, & beeswax.

Reviews (3)

Muscle linament - really works

Written by Carol Poulakos on 18th Sep 2019

I use this for arthritis in my big toe . It truly eliminates the pain for hours on end. I love it and i have given it to friends for their aches and pains. Works so much better than other remedies! Truly grateful my sister found it for me to use and this caused me to order more.

Muscle Liniment

Written by Kari schacke on 18th Sep 2019

I have 4 teenage athletic boys and this is the BEST product for their muscles. Even if they aren't sore, I put in on the QB's shoulder, for example, after a game! Works WONDERS!!!!


Written by Dan Goggin on 9th Sep 2018