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  • Effective in eliminating bacterial and fungal infections or parasites.
  • Anti-viral properties treat warts and cold sores.
  • Soothes inflammation and reduces redness, thus making it a helpful acne treatment.
  • A natural insect repellent!
  • Hand-crafted on a rural Wisconsin, family-owned farm.  Support small farms everywhere!
  • 4.5 oz.


Consider neem part of your naturopathic skin and immune system treatment.  The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying properties of this Ayurvedic herb have been known since ancient times.  It is used internally and externally as a boost to overall well-being.  We even use it on our heirloom apple trees and rose bushes as a natural insecticide.  It has been effectively used for just about every condition known.  Acne.  Gout.  Psoriasis.  Eczema. Yeast and other fungal infections.  Lice.  Scabies.  

Our neem soap is concentrated at 30% neem oil and packed full of crushed neem leaf for added benefit and texture.  The healing properties of this soap are not masked by added scent.  We call it what it is, and the undeniable, unique scent of neem will be your first impression of this therapy-grade treat.  While initially unexpected,  a short time getting to know your soap will reveal the green, clean and anti-septic scent that reminds you of this soaps true purpose.
Feel the remarkable difference in your skins health while using whole ingredients for your daily personal care.  Our cold-processed soaps are hand made in small batches on our peaceful, rural Wisconsin farm.  Made from fresh, natural, sustainable and organic ingredients, they do not contain any synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives or filler ingredients.  We are dedicated to keeping our natural products SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), paraben and phthalate free.  We only use organic palm oil that is sustainably produced and RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil) certified.  
Place your order now and receive the same freshly-cured , hand-cut bars we sell at our local farmers’ markets.
Ingredients:  Saponified neem*, coconut & palm* oils & neem leaf*.  *Certified organic ingredients.

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Neem soap

Written by Jasmine on 21st Jan 2021

Purchase process was easy and shipping was fast. I love the soap. It's gentle for my sensitive skin and it leaves my face soft and feeling and looking clean. Will be purchasing more soon! Thanks!