Olive Oil & Lemon Hands Soap

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So simple it's hard to believe.  Soap made of 100% olive oil is hard to come by.  Olive oil makes an extra-mild, moisturizing soap that cuts grease!  The uplifting scent of fresh cut lemons has natural anti-bacterial action as well as grease-fighting capabilities.  It seems paradoxical, but this soap is useful for cleaning tough kitchen messes as well as cleansing sensitive, oily complexions.  Handmade with only six ingredients:  olive oil, purified water, lye, borax (salt), citric acid and pure lemon essential oil. 8 oz. pump.The New Kitchen Essential

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olive oil and lemon hand soap

Written by mary ann rockrohr on 28th Aug 2018

Originally purchased this soap at a farmer's market in Grayslake, Illinois. Loved the soap and ordered more. New batch is thinner and that makes it somewhat messy as the soap squirts out a little too quickly. It is still super soft and smells like a lemon field, delightful.