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bigstock-vector-image-of-an-goat-73727842.jpg  While patchouli folklore is as rich as our soap itself, the facts remain.  Research shows its chemical constituents react at a cellular level and serve as a catalyst for hormone secretion.  So..... muscles and nerves relax, we become less figid, we love more . . . . Your soap maker associates the scent with ancient, eastern royalty and adds it to 100% raw, organic goat milk to honor her goats!  Sweet, earthy and resonating.




Olive, coconut, & palm oils, hempseed oil, goat milk, crushed patchouli leaves , & patchouli essential oil.

Reviews (4)

Amazing Soap!

Written by liz on 2nd Feb 2021

The soap is the absolute best! It smells so good and leaves my skin super soft! I am a customer for life!


Written by JEannie on 3rd Jun 2020

This is my all-time favorite soap. Since I found Soap of the Earth 5 years ago, it has been the only soap I have used! Patchouli is definitely my favorite scent. I highly recommend it!

Patchouli soap

Written by Dean on 12th Aug 2018

I recently ordered and received 3 bars of patchouli soap after buying a bar at a craft fair in Lake Geneva. I just opened and started using one of the new bars and found it to much less 'patchouli' like. I really liked the first one, but am not thrilled at the new one I just opened. It was lighter in color. I'm wishing I wouldn't have purchased three more.

I love it!!

Written by Julie Seidel on 1st Aug 2018

This is my favorite soap. The scent is amazing and my skin feels great. I love it!!!