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The Shaving Bar contains no synthetic fragrances, dyes, nutrients, or filler ingredients and is handmade from start to finish. French Green Clay draws impurities from pores, helps remove dead skin cells, and tones the skin. For a close, smooth shave free of razor burn, apply a steaming hot wash cloth to the area (as hot as you can tolerate) and leave it sit for a minute. Then get your blade as hot as you can under the running water. Lather up and shave.  Chemical-free!

"At the Woodstock Farmers Market today to return to stock up on the "Shaving Bar". Absolutely the best! I've tried others but no soap compares to any of your soaps. All your soaps I've tried thus far smell perfect, lather nice with just a little use, go on smooth, and don't leave a film on skin(or in the bath water). The shaving bar also helps with no razor burn or prickly bumps that some people experience." Becky-- July 29, 2012.  


Olive, coconut, & palm oils, french green clay, & the pure essential oils of spruce, elemi, rosewood, vetiver, bergamont, & cedarwood.

Reviews (4)

The best shaving soap ever

Written by Angela on 9th May 2019

This is the best bar shaving soap I have found out there. It really leaves my legs feeling smooth after I use it, and I never get any razor cuts with it. I have sensitive skin and have not had any problems with this product. I highly recommend it.

Good shave, TSA-friendly

Written by Jess on 25th Apr 2019

This was probably meant for men's faces, but unsurprisingly it's also good for shaving anywhere else, too. It's a good price, especially compared to most women's shaving gel/cream/foam, and even better you can bring it through TSA no questions asked. One bar lasts a while and it gives a good shave.

The best

Written by Dan Goggin on 9th Sep 2018

I can longer shave with a different product. The absolute best. No brush, no foam, just lather and shave. NO RAZORBURN!!!

SHaving soap

Written by Rachel on 9th Aug 2018

I am so happy I discovered this soap! I use it to shave my legs and it is the first soap I have found that i do not break out from. It has no crazy unpronounceable chemical es. I would definitely recommend this product as well as other soap. An added plus is that it is much more environmentally friendly than buying bottles of chemical-filled shaving cream.